Sandra Bullock Secret to Staying Young is Acupuncture

This week, yet another celebrity reveals that her secret to keeping young is acupuncture.

According to celebrity gossip website, showbizspy.com, Hollywood superstar Sandra Bullock - who recently won an Oscar for her role in The Blind Side - has regular sessions of acupuncture.

“Sandra gets the treatment three times a week whether she’s at home on or on set” a source revealed to ShowBizSpy

 “It’s in her contract that studios have to pay for it!”

Have Celebrities Gone Wacko for Acupuncture?

By: Acufinder.com

Everywhere you turn; there are stories about celebrities getting acupuncture.  

Supermodel, Elle Macpherson, recently said in an interview with UK tabloid, News of the World, “I have acupuncture regularly and I see a Chinese doctor who treats most common ailments with herbs.”

When asked how she maintained her health and well being, Elle answered, “I do choose to look after my body from a Chinese medicine perspective, which promotes and maintains wellness rather than treats illness.”

Elle is not the only celebrity that seems to have become “star-struck” with this traditional form of health care that is touted as being able to treat everything from anxiety to a torn rotator cuff.  Gwyneth Paltrow, a longtime advocate of the benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, once said that having acupuncture had guided her to a “new level” in life, helping her to find love with her husband and giving her the strength to cope with the death of her father. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow said, “I have been a big fan of Chinese medicine for a long time because it works.”

So what other celebrities are up for being a voluntary pin-cushion?  Dr. Maoshing Ni, an acupuncturist in Santa Monica lists Jim Carrey and Helen Hunt as two of his many famous clients.  In a testimonial, Jim Carrey said “Undergoing [acupuncture] treatments with Dr. Mao at [his acupuncture clinic] and following his nutritional advice has led to a marked change in my physical vitality and my general state of well-being.”

Celebrities have embraced acupuncture so whole-heartedly that they even schedule regular acupuncture treatments for their pets.  Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame, has been spotted in Los Angeles taking her pampered pooch, Tyson, in for his acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture is becoming more and more respected by conventional medicine, so much so that there were acupuncturists on-site for the athletes at both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

How it works
Is there any evidence to back up this rapid growth in the popularity of acupuncture?  Besides the 2000 years of clinical evidence, there are a multitude of studies to substantiate that acupuncture has a measurable affect on the body.  One study on how acupuncture works to relieve pain, published in the Journal of NeuroImage, used brain imaging technology to prove that acupuncture affects the brain’s long-term ability to regulate pain.  In the study, researchers were able to show that acupuncture increased the binding availability to opioid receptors in the brain in much the same way that opioid painkillers, such as morphine, codeine and other medications, are thought to work

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have declared acupuncture effective for more than 200 other conditions including, respiratory, eye and mouth, gastro-intestinal, neurological and muscular disorders. Because of acupuncture’s ability to speed the healing process, bring down swelling and inflammation, relieve pain, and help to restore normal range of motion, it is especially effective at treating musculo-skeletal disorders. 

“The purpose of acupuncture is to trigger your body's innate ability to self heal. “ Says licensed acupuncturist, Diane Joswick, L.Ac.

“When someone comes in for treatment, we take all of their symptoms into account and aim at balancing the energy within the body to optimize health.  Treatments are tailored for the individual.  That is why it is important to talk with an acupuncturist to see how acupuncture will be able to help your specific and unique case.”

    Photo: Kim Kardashian Gets Needled During Acupuncture Session (Ouch!)

    "Oh just relaxing...," the pregnant reality TV star wrote Sunday, along with this photo from an apparent acupuncture session.

    In the picture, the 32-year-old has a full face of carefully-applied makeup, but it's not her glossy lips or fake lashes that are the focal point. It is the nearly 20 needles she has inserted into her forehead, brows, cheek, ears, and beyond.

    While Kanye West’s lady love, who recently suffered a pregnancy scare, looks calm in the photo and indeed relaxed, we can’t help but think: Ouch!

    Of course, acupuncture is nothing new, especially for pregnant women. The non-invasive treatment, which is actually one of the oldest healing practices in the world, is said to improve fertility and pregnancy rates. If a patient is pregnant, it helps decreases stress levels. Acupuncture, which actually isn't painful despite how it looks in this photo, is also said to reduce the chances of miscarriage.

    Kardashian’s not the only celebrity mom-to-be who is doing acupuncture while expecting. Last week on "Good Morning America," Fergie, 37, said she's relied on it to help prevent morning sickness. Mariah Carey, 42, also credited the technique with helping her conceive her now-nearly two-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe.



    Fergie Using Acupuncture to Get Through Pregnancy


    Mar 21, 2013 11:12am

    Fergie is known for her out-of-this world ntics as a member of  “The Black Eyed Peas,” but when it comes to her impending motherhood, she’s taking the natural route.

    “I’ve been doing acupuncture, which really helps with that [morning sickness], and Chinese herbs,” the 37-year-old singer, born Stacy Ann Ferguson, said today on “Good Morning America.”

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