Amy is an extraordinary healer!  Her wisdom and caring combine to create an amazing healing experience.  She has become one of my primary care physicians because of the success of my treatments.  I have referred numerous patients to her and all have been very pleased with their results.

~Geri Downing
I went in as a skeptic but left a believer!!! 
I am thrilled with my experiences at Northwoods Acupuncture & Wellness Center. My sessions have been completely relaxing and rewarding. Amy is not only very educated and professional but also a great listener. I am looking forward to my future treatments!!!
~Linnea B


Second to last day of the 21 day purification program:

I feel like a different person. Its amazing. Physically, mentally. My acid refulx is gone! i haven't had my daily heartburn in 2 weeks. the streaks under my eyes-they use to be blue. They're not gone, but much better! no where near as dark as they use to be. I'm no longer coughing- I used to a lot during the day. My feet have shrunk! i dont know what i weigh. I can tell i've lost weight in my hips and butt. I just fell better! my blood pressure has been trending down. These shakes with vegetables & fruit: I have developed a taste for them. I look forward to them. I cooked hamburgers and hotdogs for my kids last weekend. I didnt have any. I dont even want them anymore, I feel so good! I can walk up and down stairs and i dont feel like im 80 years old. I walk better. Not in pain all the time. I can sit in one spot and not have to shift 50 times. I've had hellatosis. I havent even smelled my bad breath. I am so happy with how i feel after this acupuncture. And the detox. Amazing

~Brad Hanson


I have had degenerative disc disease for years, and have been in severe pain since 2007.  After seeing you for acupuncture, taking the pain away in 20 seconds... amazing!! I am able to walk stairs without the help of the hand rail!  I will be back!  Thank you Amy!!



Testimonial sent about a client who suffered from migraines at least 3 times per week:

Amy has been so awesome.  My husband has had severe migraines for over 20 years.  He has been to every Dr he can find and still no relief, unless it was very short term.  Very hard to watch someone you love suffer so much.  Amy stayed late one night to treat Kent.  Everything she said became a reality and he has not had a migraine for 8 days.  Kent cannot remember the last time he was migraine free.  Thank you Amy.  You have given Kent his life back.



Amy is a wonderful, caring practitioner.  The initial reason I visited her was quickly resolved, and now I find that the treatments help keep balanced  alanced during a time of extra stress.  She is also great with children.  All 3 of my children have different concerns she has been able to help them with.

~Rebecca C.


A phone message after the 5th treatment for chronic neck and back pain, where patient had been getting relief of back pain, but until this treatment, no change in neck pain:

"Amy, I just wanted to call and let you know that today is the first day since I can remember where I haven't had any neck pain.  I don't dont even know what to do with myself.  I just wanted to tell you that.  Thank you."

~Brian A.


A message received 1 month after treatment:

"I forgot to tell you that the numbness in my fingers completely went away after you treated me! Amazing!"

~A.W. St. Louis Park, MN


I have had low back pain for over two years.  Went to many doctors with no results.  I started going to Amy about 6 months ago and for the first time I can move without pain.  Thanks Amy

~Teri G


 Email received after treating guests at a Bridal Shower:

The strangest (and coolest) thing happened after I left the bridal shower: After knee surgery people often lose feeling on the left side of the incision.  Well definitely definately did and not all of it came back (also common).  I always rest my knee on the door of the car when I drive, and I haven't been able to feel the door against my knee since surgery...well, as I was driving home, I began to feel tingling in my knee where I normally couldn't feel anything!!  I was amazed!  I now have most of my feeling back in my knee after that one treatment!!  I can tell there's still some numbness but in every spot that I couldn't feel the surface when I touched it, I can feel EVERYTHING now!!!!

Even without that (and even more with that), I'd love to learn more about acupuncture and I'd definitely come see you when you're ready to set up your business. Thanks again! :)

~K.B. Minneapolis, MN


Menniere's Disease & Wrist Pain

My story began about 17 years ago, after the birth of my son.  I noticed that the floating balloons in my hospital room were bothering me.  They bugged my eyes so much that I had my husband put them in a closet.  For the next several years, I would feel dizzy, be off balance, clumsy, and even fall down.  I occasionally got sick enough to vomit from the vertigo.  I went to see my MD.  He suggested there was nothing wrong.  I went to another MD.  I received antibiotics for an inner ear infection.  It did not help.  I was still getting dizzy.  I went back in and he gave me meclizine for the vertigo.  I became irritable and could not take that.  I went back, and he sent me to see an ENT, who did a battery of tests which made me dizzy and the result was a diagnosis of Menniere's Disease and a prescription for valium.  I took it whenever I felt an attack coming on and lived that way for 10 years.  I eventually saw an ENT, who did nothing.  Still, I was dizzy.

In October, I broke my wrist.  After being released on a "wait & see" basis, I was unsatisfied that I could not use my wrist.  No strength & no mobility.

It was Christmas, & my daughter gave me a gift: Acupuncture.  I was not excited, as she was, because I had no knowledge of what it could help.

I went to see Amy Kaiser, Licensed Acupuncturist, on December 12, 2009.  That was the biggest surprise of my recent life.  She not only did wonders for my vertigo, but the strength came back in my pincher grasp.  I went again a week later.  Once again, I was amazed.  I had not had one dizzy spell during the week and my wrist was feeling better.  The fluid was leaving and I could move it with less pain.  Each week I have gone back, and now it has been 34 days.  I have only had 2 days where I have even felt slightly dizzy, and my wrist feels fairly normal.

Getting my life back without medications has been an absolute Godsend!  I thank my daughter for sending me to see Amy, and I thank Amy for her patience and her wonderful gift of Acupuncture.

~Sue S., Grand Rapids, MN


Amy is a professional in every sense of the word.  She takes the time to get to know each and every one of her patients and provides them with the attention that they need.  I have been seeing Amy for almost six months now and am continuously amazed at the great work that she does.  From relieving stress to back pain & other ailments, Amy is FANTASTIC!  Thanks for all that you do!

~Amanda W.


What impressed me the first time I met Amy was that she listened carefully to my needs, focused on addressing them and truly cares about her clients. 
Amy's professionalism and knowledge within this field is outstanding.  I was amazed at how well acupuncture worked to relax me, give me energy and relieve pain.
While working on relieving stress, I was able to breakthrough barriers and it moved me to tears.  It was a wonderful feeling walking out of treatment and having your body and mind relaxed and peaceful - no tension.
After struggling through sleepless night having to suffer through temperature changes in my body, I am enjoying a good night sleep after Amy worked her magic.
Thank you, Amy for helping me and caring!
~Heidi W.
Going to Northwoods Acupuncture & Wellness Center has been wonderful.  The experience has been so relaxing.  I feel I am in good hands and I have experienced such great results from my Fibromyalgia pain in just a short period of time!!  I highly recommend Northwoods Acupuncture!
~Lori D.


I had leg pain for over two years and Amy helped to relieve it.  I was unable to perform well at my job and now I can do it comfortably.  She is a miracle worker...THANK YOU SO MUCH
~Joe M.


Relief from constant lower back pain.

After trying several doctors and specialist and being advised by my doctor to go to a pain clinic, a friend of mine told me to try a acupunctist. I'm so glad I did ! For the first time in years I can move around with no pain. Never thought that would happen. Thanks Amy for all you've done to make this happen.

~Teri G.


My acupuncturist, Amy, was very friendly and professional.  I felt she really listened to me and customized a treatment for my specific needs.  I'm very happy with the outcome.
~Jenny P.


My Acupuncture experience 

My experience with acupuncture and Amy was so great. I am glad that she is close and that the session was very helpful for my leg pain. I will be going back again.

~Marion Leimbach


A very pleasant experience!

I enjoyed my appointment with Amy. It was a very relaxing experience. I would recommend it. I am now just waiting to see if it will help with my hot flashes!



Amy was a great help to my shoulder, back and neck when I first went to see her.  After two treatments, I will be able to bowl again.  I will tell as many people as I can.  She was great.  Thanks again.
~Tom Adams


Surpasses expectations 

I have multiple diagnoses over the last several years. I don't expect miracles but I do feel this is a good choice for me, a source of hope at a very stressful time



Great Experience 

I had a very satisfying initial visit with Amy.  The treatment, conversations, and facility were very professional.  I have scheduled a return appointment as the first one has brought relief to some of my aches and pains.

~Norm N.


Absolutely AWESOME treatment! I was helped immensely after only one treatment. I would definitely recommend.

 Amy is amazing. She can always manage to "put me back together". By the way ask for electro therapy. Nothing better!!!


 If you want someone who really cares about, you, then Amy is the person to see. Her compassion and skill will make you so happy that you chose her for your well-being. She has a gift. She takes time to listen and never rushes through the treatment. The best.


I would not go any where else for treatment. Amy takes the time to listen, before she starts treatment. Amy has done wonders for my surgery recovery, I would say she definitly speeded up my recovery. I also use Amy for my wellness and recovery from weight training.


I really look forward to my appointments with Amy. She takes the time to set up her treatment rooms with warm heat lamps for your feet and relaxing music to listen to and take your mind off things. She has helped me become drug free and get my life back! Thank you Amy!


I saw Amy for 1 session and already have had great results. Before seeing Amy I was trying to deal with depression, pain and arthritis. Medications just caused side effects. I had a whole week of minimal pain and I am sleeping better than I have in months. I recommend Northwoods Acupuncture to everyone I know.


Going to Northwoods Acupuncture & Wellness Center has been wonderful. The experience has been so relaxing. I feel I am in good hands and I have experienced such great results from my Fibromyalgia pain in just a short period of time!! I highly recommend Northwoods Acupuncture!


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